To our Prospect Seasoned family: Thank you for an amazing three years. We had hoped to remain in this location longer, but we were unsuccessful in coming to terms to extend our lease. We will be effectively closing our Prospect location. Our last day open at our current location will be August 26th. We have a saying in our family: This is not goodbye, but a see you later. Only this time, our home will be in a new location.

To our loyal and wonderful Prospect family: You’ve been there with us since we opened in September of 2020. You celebrated every step of our half-opening, take-out only, half-opening, finally full-opening. We thank you for your support of our business and families, and your love for our staff. You accepted us and we have truly loved being a part of your community. We hope to find a location in Prospect at future date that works for us. Until then, we hope you will come see us wherever we end up. We promise the same consistent food and experience you have come to love, here at Seasoned!